User Instruction


The Normal “Facial Regime”
Use every day, Morning and Evening.
Rinse your face and effected areas (preferably with Luke warm water)
Lather soap in hands, CLOSE EYES,
Massage lather onto skin with gentle circular motion for a few seconds.
Rinse Thoroughly and Gently pat dry
Follow with ActivO2 lotion in the mornings and use ActivO2 cream in the Evenings
Wait a few minutes for it to penetrate and DRY. (Then follow with what else you need to put on your skin for the day.)

Always use the “cleansing bar” first, as it Opens the Pores!!!
The “Healing Balm” is highly concentrated.
Use Very sparingly! It is Soothingly and Calms irritated skin or tissue as it provides Beneficial Oxygen. (and destroys bacteria)
Very Effective for: spot treatment, any burns, insect bites/stings, candida, cuts, swollen gums, swollen veins, bruises, chapped lips, diaper rash, cyclist saddle rash, athlete’s foot, Bed sores, Relieves: Eczema and psoriasis although these
are Immune skin disorders.

USER TIPS: Please Note:

This Powerful combination of “Medical 0 2 ” and Natural Plant oils are very concentrated and should be used Sparingly.
ACTIV02, Provide cellular Healing and Nourishment for a Healthy, Beautiful Vibrant Skin.
You will actually.”. GLOW” and you will receive Compliments from people around you.
Take Good Care of your Product if you want the Maximum Benefits.
– Normal room temperature, Not in the Sun!!
– Refrigerate during Hot Summer months. Oxygen is preserved longer and it will be COOL and REFRESHING on your skin.
– The ACTIV02 CLEANSINS BAR: serves as a: “four in ONE”
It Cleanse, Exfoliates, serves as a Mask and a Toner.