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ActivO2 is a unique product that you cannot find anywhere in the world and uses the power of Ozone to combat acne and skin breakouts.Suitable for Face and Body use on all skin types and colours.

Our ACTIV O2 Acne Solution Kit includes:






Struggling with Acne? ACTIV O2 is the perfect SKIN BREAKOUT Acne Solution!

You will discover the healing properties of ACTIV O2’s ozone therapy, which provides an effective solution for pimples and blemishes, leaving your skin smooth and flawless.

We are confident that once you use this revolutionary cure for acne, you will achieve outstanding results and restore your confidence.

Activ O2’s effectiveness is based on the energizing action of ozonated and ozonised organic plant oils which have a potent ability to neutralise damaging free-radicals and fight premature skin aging. In fact, you WILL notice a visible difference within 24-hours.

What is included in this kit

Cleansing Bar

A 100% organic skin breakout cleansing bar that is fragrance free.

  • Always wash first with the ACTIV O2 SKIN BREAKOUT CLEANSING BAR
  • Ensure you wash all areas afflicted with black heads, white heads, pimples or scars including face, neck, back and chest
  • Wet your face or affected body parts with lukewarm water, lather SKIN BREAKOUT CLEANSING BAR in hands
  • Massage lather onto skin with gentle circular motions for 20 to 30 seconds avoiding contact with your eye area
  • Rinse thoroughly and gently pat dry your skin

Clearing cream and lotion

A 100% organic skin breakout cleansing bar that is fragrance free.

  • Apply the ACTIV O2 SKIN BREAKOUT CLEARING LOTION thinly in the morning or during the day onto the affected areas, after showering or swimming once you have washed with the ACTIV O2 SKIN BREAKOUT CLEANSING BAR
  • Apply the ACTIV O2 SKIN BREAKOUT CLEARING CREAM in the evenings before bed once you have washed with the ACTIV O2 SKIN BREAKOUT CLEANSING BAR
  • Rinse thoroughly and gently pat dry your skin

Product Feedback

  • Sam – (Bryanston, South Africa)

I am so happy! My life has really changed since using this amazing product. My skin problem became an emotional problem. I battled with acne, scarring and breakouts for many years. I was on severe medication which caused many side effects. Now, I can face people with a smile on my face Thank you for this Wonderful product. I would recommend it to anyone with the same problem.

  • Hannes – Pretoria

I noticed a significant difference in just two days. My blemishes and redness started to calm down. I can see the healing and clearing daily. I’m so excited.

  • Stacy – Umhlanga

A HUGE thank you! After a few days my skin has never, looked and felt better. I had hormonal blemishes and breakouts, they’re all gone! I am totally hooked and grateful!

  • Mark-Andrew – Richards Bay

As a man who has spent thousands of Rands on various skin products for over 10 years with very little success, it has been brilliant to have found your products. I’m 39 years old and only now my skin is in great condition. I will continue to use Activ O2 and recommend it to friends and family

  • Clair – (Ballito)

Having suffered for years trying different products and medications, a friend advised me to try ActivO2. Within 2 days all my symptoms had calmed down and my skin started clearing up.

  • Christelle – Centurion

Discovering Activ O2 skincare products has honestly changed my life. My skin is completely transformed. I have gone from having inflamed dry, red skin, to a glowing skin that people regularly comment on. It’s amazing and it works.

  • Nicolette – Pretoria

It’s taken me 30years to find a product I can trust that really works! I love using it on my face and body every day and the feeling and healthy look Activ O2 gives me. I have never been so happy!

  • Dan – JHB

It WORKS!!! Loving your Activ O2 products on my skin. My skin looks amazing – blackheads and big acne – all disappeared!

  • Irene – DBN

I’m incredibly happy to have finally found a perfect product that works! It repaired my skin and solved my acne problem. It makes me feel alive, fresh, youthful and confident.

  • Mark – DBN

My skin has been a problem since I was a young adult. I have tried many different brands including the leading ones to solve my problem. The difference Activ O2 has made is amazing – my skin cleared up and is radiant and healthy. It’s so nice when people round you say – “You look good!”

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