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Join the most exclusive acne-free, beauty circle in the world

We know what it feels like to have a face covered in pimples. It’s almost impossible to look in the mirror and leave the house feeling beautiful. That nagging knowledge is always there – whenever you speak to people, go out to parties, or go on a date. Over time, this constant idea of being “ugly” erodes your self-esteem and the condition of your skin can literally affect your entire life.

ACTIV O2 has just launched in South Africa and is only available to a limited number of clients. There are already dozens of customer testimonials pouring in about how this product has changed the appearance of their skin and the level of their confidence. We know that it can do the same for you.

Within days you will notice a difference in the condition of your skin, and the healing effects will continue long afterwards. Those acne scars you are ashamed of can be minimised and sometimes even healed completely. You will no longer suffer from pimple breakouts and you will finally be able to look in the mirror and feel beautiful.

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. It’s a scientific breakthrough that has been clinically proven, and the results speak for themselves. Find out more about how ACTIV O2 works here. You will discover the magic of ozone therapy and why we are able to guarantee the results that we do. This eco-friendly product works on your skin in the same way that it does in nature.

This means that there are no harsh chemicals involved and no painful applications.
Whether you’re a young teen that has just started getting awful breakouts, or whether you’re an adult who has suffered from acne your entire life, ACTIV O2 has been designed to work on your skin type. The powerful action of oxidation will leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and healthy…and best of all…pimple-free.

ACTIV O2 neutralises bacteria that is linked to recurring acne and eliminates toxins, fungi and bacteria by releasing oxygen. This same action activates the regeneration properties of skin-healing cells. This results in softer, smoother and younger-looking skin.

When you join our exclusive beauty circle by purchasing the Acne Solution Kit, you will receive 3 months of skin care. These products can be used on all skin types and colours, and are suitable for men and women.

It will help eliminate pimples, blackheads, and even severe inflammation. By using ACTIV O2 every morning and evening you will soon have the skin you have always dreamed of. It’s your time to be acne-free and confident. Join us now!

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