Frequently Asked Questions

1)  How long does the oxygen stay in the product?

Take Good care of your product and it will be Effective for up to two years

The Healing Balm, when kept in a refrigerator it will be effective for up to 10years


2)  Is it normal to smell the way it does?

This Unique smell is completely Normal.  It’s a Clean Healthy smell. you get use to the smell after a few days.
Not bad… it is all worth the Resolve!


3)  How does the ozone /Oxygen get into the oil

Unsaturated lipid substrates (mainly omega 3, 6, 9) react with infused gaseous O2/O3 (Oxygen/Ozone) mixture leading to therapeutically active ozonated Derivatives.

However, the word “ozonated” is itself without scientific meaning if it is not associated with “how much” Ozonide and peroxides are present in the oil. In fact, from a therapeutic point of view, the ozonide compositions have the capacity to deliver active O2 (Oxygen) and/or other useful species deep within the cells and lesion without causing skin irritation.


4)  What is the Benefit of having Oxygen in my skincare product?

Every Cell in your Body Needs Oxygen to function Normally.

Oxygen, penetrates and saturates at cellular level and makes the product

Effective, Safe and ……


5)  Does ACTIV02 have Anti-aging properties?

For sure… Oxygen is Life giving.  Increased oxygen helps stimulate and

producing anti-Oxidant Enzymes at cellular level


6)  Can I use ACTIVO2 products with other skin care products?

No! Best is to stick to the range, it is Pure, Safe and Natural.

It can cause problems, especially if other products contain, chemicals

it can cause a rash


7)  Is ACTIVO2, suitable for sensitive skins?

YES!!  all skin Types… use Sparingly


8)  Are there any Preservatives in ACTIVO2?



9)  Are ACTIVEO2 Products tested on animals?



10) What is the difference between the lotion and the cream?

Viscosity and strength

Thus, personal preference


11) I have used the product for a few days and now I have a break-out. What could be the       cause?

Different people react to different products in different ways

What’s important is to determine the type of breakout.

– your skin could be adjusting to the new product range

– it could be a toxic breakout

– you could be using the product incorrectly

– it could be: stress, hormones, spicy foods, constipation, allergies,

– low Immune system or even too Acidic


12) Is your product safe to use during Pregnancy?

YES, it’s Very Safe


13) Why does the product sometimes feel as if it “Stings”

It is more a “Tingling” feeling than a sting.

It happens when the product acts with the bacteria and open spots

The product will kill all bacteria and it will heal the skin and ease.


14) can I remove my eye makeup also with the cleansing bar?

Yes. rinse the face, lather the soap in hands, close your eyes

and rub lather over face, rinse Well …keep eyes close until you

pat it dry.